A learning journey

A learning journey

Katherine Torralba

“Even though I still feel nervous every time I stand before a large group of people, whether at INNOTECH or outside, my MT4T experience had paved the way for a new and confident ‘me.’ INNOTECH was responsible for that, and for which I am grateful.”


The Mobile Technology for Teachers, or the Project MT4T, is a project that opens possibilities to fun and exciting teaching and learning opportunities for teachers; and was a personal life-changing experience for me. 

The MT4T project was still in its very early stages when I got involved in the preparation of its concept note. I did not have a full grasp or understanding of what it would become and its intricacies until I became part of the team again in 2013. 

After my first short exposure to MT4T, I was reassigned to another project of the unit and re-entered the project. Joining the project team at that stage was a challenge because the project was transitioning from the original Project Manager to an organic team composed of three members including myself as the Project Coordinator. The MT4T Resource Kit was already in the last phase of development. I was tasked to finish the last few eBooks content which I had to learn and understand along the process. I was deeply involved in coordinating with the service provider (eReader and eBook developer), while simultaneously learning the ropes. It was difficult yet fulfilling because as each day passed by, the purpose and content of the toolkit were slowly completed. What used to be a far-fetched idea in my mind has come to reality  a series of eBooks on different social media platforms for teachers. 

The days during the launch of the MT4T Resource Kit were exhausting and stressful. The tasks entailed being in the back- and front-ends of everything — doing all the preparatory work with Solutions Development Unit (SDU) staff, coordinating and finalizing the eReader and eBooks with  the service provider, and serving as one of the presenters during the launch attended by the Department of Education (DepEd) Central and Division Offices, university representatives, and teachers from various DepEd schools. 

For someone who is not very comfortable in public speaking, this was a very terrifying moment. I was pushed into the limelight. As I spoke in front of the audience, I remembered my supervisor, Mr. Philip Purnell, looking with an attentive and assuring smile, nodding in agreement. I guess at that point, I felt he was trying to encourage me to continue. Such an exhilarating, nerve-wracking, yet memorable experience!  


Even though I still feel nervous every time I stand before a large group of people, whether at INNOTECH or outside, my MT4T experience had paved the way for a new and confident “me.” INNOTECH was responsible for that, and for which I am grateful. These kinds of presentations continued in some local workshops and fora outside the Center. The fear to speak in public lessened when I heard and saw the teachers’ desires and excitement to learn the use of mobile technologies in delivering instruction. The happiness I felt and the thought that I am able to share and contribute, even in the tiniest bit, what I know and learned since my reassignment engulfed me. There is that anticipation that teachers would be able to apply the newlyacquired information in their respective schools. 

The MT4T opens possibilities to a fun and exciting delivery of instruction to teachers. Even I felt excited for the opportunities the MT4T Resource Kit could offer to teachers  mobile applications that will make their lessons more engaging, capture children’s attention with ease, and teach students to create beautiful and meaningful content.  

A lot of us take for granted what Information Technology (IT) is all about. The role of IT in education is far more interesting and complex. Discovering the use of mobile technology in education allows not just teachers but also students to connect through the use of different mobile applications and social media. I am not a teacher but being a part of the team that created MT4T gave me a similar learning journey. I have now keen interest on other aspects of the IT world and how it is able to enhance teaching and learning. I may not have had the opportunity to make students excited about mobile applications and social media, but at least the teachers nowadays do. 

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