IMPACT’s impact

IMPACT’s impact

Josefina Lacastesantos

“This long service I have for IMPACT was borne out of my passion for the system, and SEAMEO INNOTECH was a huge influence in my commitment to and enthusiasm for IMPACT.”


I was introduced to the Instructional Management by Parents, Community, and Teachers or IMPACT system in 1981 through SEAMEO INNOTECH. Dr. Eligio Barsaga, then Director of Research, was the key person in my initial involvement in the system and the Center. IMPACT was a project spearheaded by the Center and aided by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to help solve problems on the lack of teachers and classrooms. What started as a pilot project in Culianan Elementary School became a well-established alternative delivery system of education that is still being implemented. 

I started as an Instructional Supervisor and after some years shifted to being a Testing Teacher. My fondest memory during my days as an Instructional Supervisor was witnessing children confidently talk in front of their schoolmates and become “little teachers, or Programmed TeachersEveryone was given the chance to speak under IMPACT and children gained more confidence in communicating. Programmed teachers acted more like “teachers” than the student teacherswho were education students from universities/colleges undergoing practicum assigned to my school.  

I was with the Culianan Learning Center (CLC) for three decades until my retirement in 2011 as Principal III. Though I was up for transfer to another school, the parents and community appealed to the Department of Education for me to stay in Culianan. They, perhaps, saw my love and dedication to the IMPACT system and my commitment to their children’s learning along with the school’s good academic and non-academic standing. 

It was fulfilling and rewarding to see CLC consistently perform well in student achievement compared to conventional schools. In the year I left CLC, the school’s National Achievement Test score was 87, a very good rating in contrast to the pre-IMPACT days.  

I was able to build my skills and confidence as a school leader under IMPACT. The system provided a very conducive environment to develop leadership, creativity, and perseverance. I am convinced that some of my peers from IMPACT who also became school administrators were also honed through their experience in the system, slowly but surely.  

This is why I feel very grateful to SEAMEO INNOTECH for bringing me to the pinnacle of my professional life. The IMPACT system was instrumental in honing my competence as a school head. Additionally, the opportunities that came along with implementing IMPACT opened doors for growth and wisdom.  

Through my many years at CLC, I initiated several innovative practices that would later be documented in the IMPACT Guidebook of SEAMEO INNOTECH. These would later be shared during training sessions with other IMPACT implementers and duplicated or adapted by the other IMPACT learning centers in different parts of the Philippines. 

Because of my experience, I was often tapped by the Center as one of their trainers. I also had the chance to lead a group of writers in creating new K to 12aligned IMPACT modules.  

I am very thankful that the Center made me a part of the IMPACT family at SEAMEO INNOTECH as one of its IMPACT trainers. Through the Center, I became recognized as a trainer and expert of the system, and this is one of my greatest achievements.  

Even now, years after my retirement, I still continue to promote the system and convert first timers into believers of the IMPACT system. This long service I have for IMPACT was borne out of my passion for the system, and SEAMEO INNOTECH was a huge influence in my commitment to and enthusiasm for IMPACT. 

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